Friday, July 18, 2014

Life is so crazy sometimes, ya know?

The past month has been absolutely crazy for me. 
I worked full time for two weeks, and then on the 6th, I left for Snowbird for a week. 
I'll focus on Snowbird, cause that is the main thing right now. 

We left in the afternoon, which was different from past years, because we would leave around 2-3 a.m. Sunday night (or early, early Monday morning). This happened to be a very good thing for us, as our bus broke down. 

The alternator decided to go on vacation. We ended up making it to the Jacksonville airport, and then waited for three hours as we figured out a rental situation. At first, I was totally fine with this. It'd be a breeze, we'd still get there, I wouldn't have to drive, as we planned to take 3 15-passenger vans. 
Well, that wasn't the case. We could only get 3 12-passenger vans, so I was going to have to drive a suburban. Better than a big van, but I was gunna have to drive. Not my favorite thing to do with a ton of high schoolers. 
Now, listen. I don't dislike high schoolers, I just don't like driving long distances on interstates with anyone. 
To ease anyone's nerves right now, everything ended up being fine. I actually had a fun time driving, and on our way back home, I was bummed that I had to give the sweet Suburban back. 
Also, the power of prayer is amazing. Nerves were calmed and we got there safely and on time [almost - we like to eat].

Snowbird itself was amazing. 
It was kind of hard at first though, because I was actually planning on working there this summer. Clearly, that did not happen.
I'll tell that story later, but in short, I knew this year would be one of great sacrifices, including not working at Snowbird this summer.
It was a great time though. Perfect timing for me, as I was in dire need of just being immersed in Scripture and Biblical community. 
I was refreshed, I was re-energized [and de-energized...I stay up way too late having quality conversations there..haha], I was reminded of Who exactly my Savior is, and I was made aware of a lot of things regarding God's plan for me this past year. It was really cool to see life unfolding beautifully before my eyes. That mountain air will do you good, my friends. 

Coming home was very hard. I knew it would be though. It was insanely hard when we left in February. That sucked so bad.
I realized this though.... Snowbird is a place where your most intimate desire is met - to be one with your Creator. To know Christ, and to be known by Him.
And so when Saturday comes, and you have to leave a strong Biblical community, and you aren't completely immersed in Scripture all the time, things get really hard. 
The reason for this is because you are being torn away from what your heart was made for. 
You were made for all those things; Biblical community, being drenched in the Word, just being in Jesus' presence. You were made for that. 
That's why it is so freaking hard to leave. 
But, here's the thing...... we were promised trials and tribulation (1 Peter 4:12-19). Life on earth was never meant to be perfect. We get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like when we are finally united forever with our Father, but that isn't our purpose here on earth. 
Christ has commanded us to go (Matthew 28:18-20) making His Name known to all nations, so that in the end of time, when Jesus returns and we go Home with Him, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord and King of all. 
We will experience Him in all His glory when we are finally Home, not while we are here on earth. We have a mission right now, and it's our responsibility to respond to His command for us. Even when it's incredibly painful and hard. 
The Gospel is not something to be left at Snowbird. No, it's something to be taken to the ends of the earth, so that others may experience our Savior too.
Snowbird is a place to be equipped and prepared for our command to go. It is a place to be refreshed and filled with truth, but if we stay there and we don't take what we learned elsewhere, what good is that?
We were meant to GO.

In addition to all that....
A lot was revealed to me while I was there. One thing being that, even in my selfish state of apathy, I feel, and have felt for a while now [even before I went to Snowbird for the first time], called to be there. To work there, to be a part of the Biblical community, to serve, and to just go there. 
It was quite apparent last summer, even more so after I worked a retreat there in February, but this time it was blatant, obvious, clear as day. I feel more than called to be at Snowbird. 
However, like I mentioned before, this year is not my time to be there. It will come though, I know that much. 

There was one day while I was there where I couldn't shake it. I knew it would become my home, even for just a little while... so I texted my mom. Ha. That was probably the lamest way to tell her, but I needed to right then. 
All I said was that I knew I was going to move there for a little while, and that I was going to work the next summer. We now casually talk about it. 
After I told her all started to set in... I graduate in May. I will be done with school and my next stage in life will begin [really, I'm already in the process of being in it]. One that leads to new adventures and lots more uncertainty. I can do whatever I want! The options are endless and sometimes overwhelming, but I don't care about that..I just know North Carolina has half my heart, and I'm going to be with it. 
Here's the crazy part though... I definitely plan on working next summer, which will be three months in NC, but even more... I realized that after the summer, I don't have any plans. None for a job, none for where to live, none for..well, anything. Anything could literally happen. Maybe I'll choose to stay in North Carolina. Maybe I'll choose to move back to Florida. Maybe I'll be called elsewhere. The point life is literally in God's hands, and I have no clue what He's gunna do with it. 
It's exciting, but it's also scary. Moving away from my family [even if it is for just three months of the summer] is a daunting thought. To move away from them for more than that is even more daunting...but I'm not fearful. It's scary, but I'm not bound by fear about it. I'm more liberated than anything. To know that I can seriously do anything..I mean, I could get whatever kind of job I want [obviously as long as it's somewhat practical..I am NOT going to be a doctor], I can live wherever I want to live, I can do whatever I want to do....IT'S CRAZY. 

Ok, reality check. I know a lot of you might be thinking this is not very realistic...well, let me clarify some things for you....
I know that:
  • I might have to get a really sucky job as an accountant before I can get a fun job - sacrifices are required when you're taking risks
  • I'm gunna have to work hard to get to where I want to be
  • I'm going to have bills to pay, which might make living somewhere away from my family even harder at times, when it could totally be cheaper to live at home again
  • I will still have a boatload of responsibilities, with lots more added
  • Nothing is free - this goes along with pretty much all I've already said, but I'm saying it again
  • BUT, I know that my God is sovereign and if He calls me to something, He will provide a way for me to be there and serve Him in it
  • And since everything requires sacrifice, I know that in order to serve the Lord, I will have to deny my fleshly desires to do so. This doesn't mean I will be living a miserable life [Uh, NO. I will be living in the light of my Savior - that's the best life there is], but it does mean it won't always be easy. Things get really hard sometimes
  • I also know that it will be worth it. I know I am called to be there, and even if it doesn't always seem like it, it is worth it. He is worth it. 

My brain is going a little too fast for me right now, so I'm not sure if all of this, let alone any of it, makes sense, but this is what's happening right now for me. 

Thanks for reading along.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being A Mentor

This past year has been pretty monumental when it comes to me and youth ministry.
I started volunteering with the junior high ministry at my church in the summer of 2012. Not too long after, I was offered a position as the assistant to the senior high pastor, which then led to me working with the senior high ministry as well.
All of that was kind of a surprise, because as I knew I would work with youth ministry again [I worked with the youth group at my old church my first year of college, but then I took a year long break], I just didn't know when, but I was trusting God with the timing. However, I did not ever think I would be working at my church, specifically with youth ministry.

I actually hoped that I could, but I thought that was a long shot kind of dream.
I was trying to figure out what I actually wanted to do after I graduated college, and out of all the possible occupations in the world, I landed on youth ministry [of course, I also realllllllly want to have my own small business - ya know, making hats and painting pictures]...I just never thought it would happen, and happen within a couple of months.

Anyways, I started working at the church in February of last year. Since then, I have led two small groups, been part of two small groups, been mentored, and have been asked to be a mentor.
Truly, I understood being in all the roles except for being a mentor. That was a shock. And I squealed and told my friend how crazy this was [with a lot of exclamation points], but also how excited I was.
It was something I felt like it'd be cool to do one day. Not right now.
It's not as though I didn't want to be a mentor, but I just did not feel qualified for that position. Why the heck would someone want to take life advice from me? Why would someone look up to me? I definitely don't have it all figured out.

There really is a ton that I have to say about this awesome opportunity, but I'll try and make it easy to breakdown and understand.
As a mentor, you should be:

  • Real
    One of the best pieces of advice I ever got on being a mentor, is that I just need to be real. The reason why someone asks you to be in that position, is because they trust you, and they are trusting you to be real and honest with them, as they are real and honest with you.
    They don't want some perfect person who can't relate to them, they want someone who they know struggles with things but also grows in their relationship with Christ.
  • Intentional and Consistent
    You really have to want to be in this position to do an effective job. You can't commit yourself to being in a place where you will be there for someone if you really have no intention on sticking with it. It's ok to say no, too. If you just cannot be a mentor right now because you have too much on your plate, then let them know. They will understand. It's better to be growing in your relationship with Christ, than being stunted in that growth and also stunting the growth of the student.
    It is important that you really pray about this too. It's not a commitment to be taken lightly.
  • Poured Into
    In order to pour out to students, you must be poured into. You can serve someone if you haven't been fed. I've struggled with this, where I was in a dry and [seemingly] desolate place in my relationship with Christ, that when I tried to pour into my students, I had nothing. It was less than genuine, and I had a hard time understanding what I was supposed to be teaching.
    It is so important that you have some source of spiritual growth for yourself. Be mentored yourself.
  • Trusting It took a lot of faith in God that He would provide that knowledge and wisdom that I was supposed to pass onto my "mentee" [that's a weird word, but I guess it's also the appropriate one for this], and I can see how crazily He would do it.
    If God has called you to be a mentor, He is going to give you the skills necessary to do the job, you just have to trust Him with that and faithfully obey when He has given you a command. 

Whether you are a mentor now, or just a youth leader, you are in a very important role. You have an incredible amount of influence on these kids lives, and whatever you do, they are going to mimic.
I am reminded time and time again that this isn't about us. These mentoring opportunities I have are not about me. It's about me reflecting Christ so that these students can grow in their relationships with Him.
It's important, vital even, that we are constantly aware of that. If we aren't reflecting Christ, and if we aren't living in way that draws these students closer to Him, then we are doing the exact opposite.
It really is a blessing to be in this position, so if God places an opportunity like this in your life, first pray about it and if it's what you're supposed to do, do it! It will change your life.
You are going to grow more than you can imagine.

Friday, January 10, 2014

In The Quiet, In the Stillness

It's been long overdue for me to write another post. 
Life has been crazy, to say the least, but I'm hoping it doesn't disable me from writing more often. 

So much has been going on lately. School started back up, youth group and small groups are starting back up, I'm looking for a second job, my bank account is crying because of school materials, my business is taking off [but also going through some big changes], and my room is a mess..still.
It's a lot to handle, let alone keep up with, but one thing that I am constantly reminded of, is that regardless of what all I have going, and regardless of how insanely busy I may get, I need to set aside time to be in communion with Christ. 

It's taken a toll on me lately, my alone time with God. 
Because there really hasn't been any. 
It's awful to say that, and I don't want to admit it, but it's true.
I have completely sucked at sticking with my quiet time over this winter break. 

It's the usual excuse we all make: "I'm so busy. I just don't have any time, or if I do, I'm just so tired, I can't function well enough to do it."

Let's stop with the excuses, guys. 
Excuses don't grow us. They stunt our growth, and we become stagnant and dissatisfied, but we will never get past that state if we don't stop making excuses. 

So, as hard as it has been to get back into a regular routine, I am getting my quiet time back. I am fighting for it. 
It's coming in different forms now days. 
Sometimes I write in my journal, sometimes I just listen to podcasts on my drives to and from school or when I'm walking, so sometimes it's when I walk. Sometimes it's just when I'm crocheting listening to music that gets my head and heart in the right state. Sometimes, some of my favorite times, is when I'm just outside in nature. When it's just me and God in His creation, reflecting His glory all around me. 

Quiet time used to just be when I would write in my journal, but God is revealing Himself to me in different forms and at different times these days. 
To me, that's a sign of growth and a sign that God is changing me and transitioning me into a different stage in life. 
It's kind of scary at times, because I don't know what to do or how to respond to it. But that's just it...He just wants me to respond to Him in love and obedience. He just wants me to trust Him in His plans for me.
It's ok if I don't know all of the details, because He does. 

Back at the end of the summer, I made a pretty serious decision regarding my future. I will probably share that decision later, but not now. I just wanted to say that it took a lot of faith in making that choice, but more so, sticking with that choice. 
It's been hard, but guys...oh guys. It's been so incredibly beneficial in my growth in Christ. It has caused me to pursue Him relentlessly, without restraint. 
It has altered my focus, so it's solely on Him, and it has given me the ability to continue to grow in Him and reflect Him. 
I think because I made this choice, it has been a lot harder for me to do this, because it causes me to be stretched in my faith and obedience, and we all know that our flesh is crying out for something other than obedience towards the Father. 

Something happen the other day that put me in a very vulnerable place. I was hurt and spiritually shot at. I really didn't know how to respond, so I had to get into the stillness; in the quiet. 
It was there that God revealed to me that the lie I was tempted to believe was not true. In fact, this was an opportunity, not to react in defensiveness, the way I wanted to, but to act in love and extend the grace that He has covered me in. 
We all fall short, but we are all called to love and extend grace, like the Father Himself has done for us. 

Life is insane, guys. It really is. But regardless of how crazy it can be, how hard it can be, we are called to be in communion with Christ, as this is what we were made for. 
Through the relationship we have with Him, He transforms us to be like Him, so that we may love like Him, and so that we may reflect the image of Him to others. Through this, He is glorified and lifted high. 

I know it's probably hard for a lot of you guys as well, but this is a challenge to be deliberate and intentional in setting aside time to be with our Father. He made you for this. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

22 Things To Do At 22

Here are the top 22 things I want to do during this year as a 22-year old.
If you can help me out on one, or two, or a few, of these, let me know!

  1. Write a 30-day devotional
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. Fly on plane 
  4. Go shooting once a month - or at least 12 times over the year
  5. Go hiking somewhere new once a month
  6. Give a gift, anonymously, to someone each month
  7. Go line dancing or swing dancing
  8. Try my hardest to see Josh Garrels & NeedToBreathe in concert
  9. Do not drink soda
  10. Learn to knit patterned hats
  11. Create a line of hats and list on Etsy - solidify my business & brand
  12. Read 22+ new books
  13. Speak in a foreign language for a day
  14. Have a Hunger Games themed meal
  15. Make a table & stool
  16. Go camping at three different locations over the year
  17. Start a garden - and keep it alive and thriving!
  18. Sleep in a tree house
  19. Ride a motorcycle
  20. Lead a youth ministry retreat
  21. Use my left hand, only, for a week
  22. Go to museum in a different state

* 2 & 3 - Try to visit a friend out of state!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am sorry for being selfish and ungrateful. I am not experiencing Your grace to its fullest because I have something else in mind.
I am sorry I am trying to get what I want now, instead of waiting in Your perfect timing for Your perfect plan.
I am sorry that I am not learning patience how You intend me to.
I am sorry that I think I have a better plan for my life than You.


I am grateful that You forgive me when I mess up. And when I continue to mess up.
I am grateful that You never abandon me, even when I feel like being alone because I don't want to try and handle anything life throws at me.
I am grateful that You teach me patience, rather than just give it to me, because You are growing me through that.
I am grateful that Your plans for me will prevail, regardless of how in the way I get.

So, Father, thank You for Your sovereignty and sufficiency.
Thank You for loving me.
& thank You for making me a priority.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I've been really unsettled lately.
With everything going on in my life, it becomes more and more apparent that I am absolutely not ok with living a stagnant life.

From the beginning of summer until now, a few words have been floating around my head constantly. Those words would be...

  • Urgency
  • Stagnant
  • Wild
  • Intentional
  • Still
  • Explore
  • Grace
  • Invest
  • Future
For me, they all tie to each other, one way or another. 
I want to go through all of them eventually, but I think today I'm just going to focus on one. 


I went to Snowbird this past summer in early June. It was an incredible experience, and very eye-opening. 
I left almost distraught. One reason being, I absolutely love North Carolina, and once I saw flat land, I was miserable. Another reason being that I was pretty strongly convicted. 
Snowbird presents the Gospel in a radical way - a way I respond to - and I was amazed at how passionate they were about sharing it. And then I realized how not passionate I was about sharing it.
That kind of hurt. I mean... I want the Gospel to be known, but I realized that I wasn't really being as intentional in taking action as I wanted to be. As I should be. 

We were given the command to spread the Gospel - the Gospel, not our gospel - to the ends of the earth. For many, they think that means they have to go to a different country on a mission trip, or whatever. It has been said, but it hasn't been said enough because it's still not sticking, that where we are is our mission field.
I don't really like that, but it's the truth. I'm in school right now, and it's fine. I like my classes and my grades are good, but I feel like I'm missing out on amazing experiences regarding ministry that three of my friends are currently partaking in. I wish I was doing what they get to do. 
But, I have to remember that this is where God has me, and He's got me here for a reason that, I know, will grow me and complete me in Him. I have to remind myself daily and make the decision to surrender my life to Him daily.
It's hard, but I know that He is preparing me for what is to come - what He is waiting to bless me with. 

I have reached a point, now, where I cannot just sit still and let people believe what they want to believe regarding Christianity. If we aren't backing our beliefs up with Scripture, then for all we know, we could be believing in something far from Christianity. That is so dangerous. Not only is it dangerous, it is heartbreaking that people are missing out on the true Gospel. 

I don't know what all God has planned for me right now - that is why I'm choosing to take it one minute at a time [one day at a time is still too quickly]. However, I do know that He is planning something huge, because my brain is currently going 1241234 mph. 
I'm excited to see what He's got in store for me, but I know, right now, that He has instilled this urgency in me to spread the Gospel in everything I do.
I know I've probably said this already, but I pray that if I ever start to reflect anything or anyone other than Him, please drive me towards Him. 

Urgency - desperation; seriousness; necessity 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Find Your Passion

Over the summer, I had a conversation with Ms. Chappell about finding your passion before you get into a serious relationship, because once you're in a relationship, if you haven't found the passion God instilled in you, your passion changes.
While we were having the conversation, I was pretty sure I had found my passion over the past couple of years, but as it usually is, I wasn't completely sure.

I am positive now.

The summer after I graduated, I started helping out with youth ministry at my old church.
I was teaching 7th/8th grade Sunday School and helping out with youth group on Wednesday nights. I was loving it....up until Winter Break.
That's when it hit me that I was trying to pour out something I wasn't being filled with.
That following summer, I took a step back from youth ministry to focus on my spiritual growth.
It took me until that November to find something for myself, and that was only after I gave up the search to God. He knows what's up and what's best.

Anyway, I spent the rest of that year growing in my faith and focusing on my relationship with Christ. Best decision ever, by the way. It was a year of change that needed to happen. & it was a year of God preparing my heart for what was to come.

That following summer, I took Tim to Tribes, which is the Jr. High ministry at Park Ave. I took him because I knew he needed an outlet for community, and a lot of my friends volunteered there.
I was going to stay because I was Tim's ride, but I went into thinking that I shouldn't just start volunteering because of my past experience. I just wasn't sure I was ready to be in that position again.
So, I went and hung out that first night. Maybe twenty minutes into it I was sold. I knew that I had to do youth ministry again, but I was still hesitant because I still wasn't positive that I was fully prepared for it.
I ended up sitting on that concept for the next week. That following Wednesday I told Richie that I was totally going to start helping.

That first year of helping out with Tribes was an incredible one. There were times I didn't feel like I was capable of leading some of those kids, but with the strength and wisdom of God, I created connections with the youth, and I knew there was something more to it than just a volunteer opportunity.

I am in my second year of helping out with Tribes, as well as Breakaway [high school], and God is continuing to reveal to me that this is where He wants to use me. It may not be forever at Tribes & Breakaway, but I do know that He put the youth on my heart for a reason. He is using me to lead these kids into relationships with Him, and that is awesome!
I get to create these relationships with these kids, seeing who God has created them to be, and I get to walk with them as they walk with Christ! It's kind of insane that I get to do this.
I never really had a youth group leader, let alone youth group, at this age that walked with me as I walked with Christ, but knowing that I get the opportunity to do that with these kids is surreal.
I get to share the Gospel like this...ahh!! That's freakin awesome.

I just read back to what I started with...finding your passion before you enter a serious relationship. None of this is to say I am going to do that anytime soon. Quite the opposite actually... But this is where I want to be, made whole and ready by Christ, before I become someone's wife. I want to glorify the Lord together with my husband, and God is going to use this passion He instilled within me to do just that. How awesome is that?! I'm pretty excited.
Right now, though, He is still showing me how big and great He is, and how He plans to use me in ministry to advance the Gospel and grow His Kingdom.
This is a journey worth taking.
This is a passion worth having.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Week's Worth Of Pictures

It's technically Wednesday now, since it just hit 12:01 am, but I don't care and I'm just going to throw a slew of pictures up here to sum up this past week.


Last Wednesday consisted of a beautiful drive through Christmas on the way to school. And some crazy "What Does The Fox Say?" skit at Breakaway. Needless to say, it was a pretty good day.

Thursday was good - babysat in the morning, then Greg filmed me playing checkers with myself [hahaaaa, it wasn't for real, thankfully]. 
Once again, the weather was fantastic, so filming outside was a joy.

Friday was great. Sooo great. I had small group, and afterwards, Aimee, Bethany, Claire, Ben, and I made mini turtle cookies. SO good. And I went for a walk on my usual 4-mile route. 
I'm telling you, this weather is awesome!!

Sunday held beautiful skies, like always. And clearly I love my stationary ;)

This nutball turned 11 on Monday!! How insane is that..?!?! [the answer is "totally insane!"]
I'm really glad she's my little sister and best friend.

This morning I hung out with Felix, which was super fun, as you can tell! And...I got a letter from Kate! It was so nice and the card matched my journal! That was a crazy cool coincidence! 
Today was really grand.

Well, here's the stuff I just flat out love: Chaco Cookies [Two things I love, love, love?! Yes please!!] & Ben Rector singing some of the best songs I've ever heard in my entire life. This is only one of the songs [one of my favorites], but the entire album is just phenomenal. I'm just sad I won't get to see him in concert Thursday, but I'm grateful I got to see/meet him already!

Well, that's all for now, but I'm sure I'll be writing again soon. It's nice to get away from distractions so I can just think, but it makes me want to write all the time, and I have tons to write about! Get ready world. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Why I Deleted Snapchat

I deleted Snapchat a little over a week ago.
That probably means nothing to most of you, but when you think about it, Snapchat is the newest craze in the world of social media, so deleting it would cause me to fall out of the loop that society is living in nowadays.
What a shame...Not.

The reason for such was that I got a snapchat a week ago from Saturday from a friend that I hadn't talked to in weeks. I mean, no communication at all until that "snap". What I received was regarding a personal request, and that was the last straw.
I immediately deleted Snapchat seconds later because I was so frustrated that the means of communication have dwindled to a stupid picture that disappears after 6 seconds.

I'm sick of it. That's what social media has become to us; a crutch by which we communicate. We thought breakups over text were bad enough...I wouldn't be surprised if a few premature relationships have ended over Snapchat. Or maybe friendships, or whatever.
Social media is giving us a false sense of confidence. We can say whatever we want to whomever we want whenever we want because all we have to do is shoot them a picture of food and add some text.
Why is that the way of communication?!?!?

Over the past year or so, my desire for substance has only grown stronger. I want substance in my friendships and relationships, so that leads to substance in my conversations with people. I want substance in the way I do things; the way I live.
Snapchat and text messages are so brief and convenient that there is no room for substance.
We are substituting substance for convenience and it's driving me crazy.
I need substance.
God created us to be in community with one another and with Him.
Truly being in community means taking the extra step beyond convenient and necessary, to intentional and beneficial.

God has really placed it on my heart that I am supposed to really start living intentionally this semester. I mean...I should always do so, but this is the season He is giving me to really focus on living intentionally.

Communicating through Snapchat is not intentional. It's just not.

I took a break from posting on Instagram, because,'s a sort of weakness of mine. I love taking pictures and showing people what I get to do and yadda yadda yadda...
But I realized that it was becoming a problem.
I don't want people to know what I'm doing because all they had to do was look on Instagram.
I want them to know what I'm doing because they asked me.
I want to have substantial conversations with the people I spend time with that lead to sharing my life and experiences with them, and vice versa [I want to hear about your life and your experiences!].

So, this is what I'm doing.
I'm still going to post pictures on Instagram cause it's fun, but definitely not as often as I have been.
Also, I am going to try and start blogging at least once a week, that way I have a place to put all the pictures I will take, but you're going to have to wait [or you know..have a conversation with me] to find out what I've been up to in life.
I'm keeping texting to a minimum. One, because I suck at it nowadays, and two, because I think meaningful conversations should take place on the phone or in person [on the phone because it's hard to be face to face with someone hundreds of miles away].
With that being said, I am also making it a point to call my friends who are hundreds of miles away at least once a month, but I really need to make it at least twice. I'm working on that.
I also need to realize that I can call people that are local too, but that I don't see as often as I would like.
Anddddd, I'm going to be writing letters like crazy, so get ready folks!

I'm so over the effortless relationships. If I want substantial conversations and relationships that go beyond texting, I have to start with myself, and then others will follow [hopefully..haha].

Soon, I'll get around to showing you what I've been up to [I have cool pictures to share. haha], so keep your eyes open, friends!